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Staffing Models & Workforce Management Programs

We build and implement staffing models and workforce management programs for large companies with complex products and operations.

We create close collaborative working relationships with managers and executives from day one so their workforce management program is considered theirs, not ours. We build management programs in multiple languages for our global clients. Our staffing models and workforce management program projects are executed in 5 steps:

  1. New Information – We collect new data and build Activity Information Models for analyzing and blueprinting customers, products, processes and resources, CP2R.

  2. Analyses – We analyze and evaluate organizational units and job positions with quantitative metrics.

  3. Optimization – We make recommendations for modifications where necessary to optimize productivity and service quality while minimizing resource costs.

  4. Construction – We construct staffing models and workforce management tools for managing resources at the unit level and also at the strategic level.

  5. Implementation – We train managers and executives in the use of the new workforce management tools. We work with staff units like Finance, Accounting, and Human Resources to establish procedures that update the staffing model information, such as compensation increase. We lead the workforce management program’s implementation and monitor its utilization and success.

Balancing & Optimizing Resources With Workloads

Staffing Models and Workforce Management Programs are the fundamental methods and tools that managers use to manage resource costs and capacity. 


We construct AIModels that are specifically designed to provide all of the input information that is needed to create staffing models and workforce management programs.

Staffing Models include these areas:

  1. Job position responsibility scope
  2. Job position skills
  3. Job position work standards, referred to as “reasonable expectancies”
  4. Job position authority & relationship definitions
  5. Workload measurements
  6. Workload forecasts
  7. Workforce capacity metrics that are supporting the workload levels
  8. Workforce management applications & tools
  9. Workforce performance & capacity reporting

The exhibits below are from our Staffing Model / Workforce Management Program

The above exhibit is our Workforce Management app for multi department units.

The above exhibit a department page in our Workforce Management app.

The above chart exhibit is an AIModel exhibit that displays the total activity time for Life Cycle, Process, and Activity. These metrics are required to establish “reasonable expectancies”, the work standards in staffing models.

The above exhibit is an Annual Capacity Plan. It forecasts available resource capacity. This annual capacity plan is completed each year and update periodically.

The above exhibit is the dashboard selections for our Resource Capacity Manager, an app that calculates available skills-based resource capacity.

The above exhibit is the Resource Capacity Manager app’s skill gaps report.

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