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Management Performance Improvement Programs 

Many companies engage us to help them achieve their specific business plan goals. These initiatives are programs rather than projects because we already know the end results that we want and the initiative will continue after the results have been achieved.  

We have developed these programs over our more than 25 years of consulting. They’re different than our usual consulting project because we have:

1) Pre-defined starting point approach activity components
2) Pre-established template tools to implement and manage them

These programs all involve building Activity Information Models that provide the new quantitative information we need to achieve your new results goals.

“You can’t get there from here if you don’t know where here is”  Gary Meyer

Performance Management Metrics
& Ratios

Executives use this program to improve their profitability, ROI and growth.

This program assembles sets of:

  1. Performance metrics; measurements that have a functional purpose such as a comparison chart of a product portfolio’s profit margins.


  2. Performance ratios; value calculations of 2 dissimilar quantities such as combining sales revenue with resource capacity time.


  3. With the performance metrics and ratios completed, the program then constructs management tools that  executives  and managers use to assess, monitor, and manage their day-to-day operational  performance as well as their long term strategic performance plans.

Staffing Models / Workforce Management Program

Balancing & Optimizing Resources For Workloads

Staffing Models and Workforce Management Programs are the fundamental cost management methods that are used to manage costs while assuring there is sufficient resource capacity for production and distribution operations with the required levels of quality and service.

We construct AIModels that are specifically designed to provide all of the input information that is needed to create staffing models and workforce management tools and applications. We also guide executives in establishing permanent workforce management programs.

Hyper-High Performer Program, H2P2 referred to as “HP” for short, is a program that increases employee performance.

Hyper-high performers are those employees who perform well above the high performance levels. If high performers open 6 new accounts each week, hyper-high performers open 12. If high performing account executives maintain an account retention of 80% hyper-high performers have a 98% retention rate.

Most companies have a couple of hyper-high performers, and these companies never understand what the HPs do differently. We have discovered that HPs do a couple of things differently. They’re rarely smarter or better educated than other employees. They never have different attitudes and values. 

Conducting AIM studies with AIModels where we can see and compare HPs activities has allowed us to discover exactly what HPs do differently. It’s always subtle, and it’s always a combination of activities, no single silver bullets.

When we discover these different activities, we document them with context exhibits and help you launch a  program to inform and train all other employees about these specific HP activities.

Like ripples on a still pond, the HP activities are adopted throughout the organization and the performance of the entire group increases.

This program is for you if you have hyper-high performers and you have not successfully increased everyone’s performance by adopting the HP activities.

Growth Program

In most boardrooms, growth is the top priority and gets the most attention. Of course, profits are always on the agendas, but profitability is a given. New revenue and new profits fuel new research, new technology, new markets and bonuses that stabilize and invigorate the entire company. It’s trite but ”Nothing new happens until new revenue and profits are produced”.

Most directors and very many executives still believe in the myth of the “silver bullet”. They believe that one single idea will solve a myriad of growth problems and achieve numerous growth goals.  As an aside: the “silver bullet” originated with a 1940’s TV series called the Lone Ranger. The Lone Ranger used silver bullets and would shoot in ways that made the bullet ricochet off numerous points, achieving a couple of things with just one perfect shot. In business there are no silver bullet solutions. We have come to realize that the opposite is usually true and that most problems and opportunities require a number of initiatives.

We believe we know growth. We helped Citibank units double while their competitors grew less than 10%. Citi was our 3rd client and they engaged us, almost every year, for over 20 years. We helped Chubb Insurance units, Commercial Insurance, Personal Insurance and Specialty Insurance achieve and sustain growth rates that were 3 times higher than the insurance industry and their competitors. They also engaged us every year for over 20 years. 

We helped AIG’s units in Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Southeast Asia solve the operational impediments that were hindering their growth in a multi-year long term program. We led an AIG program that settled 80% of auto and health claims within 12 hours. While this was a completely operational initiative, AIG used it as the spear point of their marketing strategy. It was very successful, often producing growth rates that exceeded 20%, compared to 3 to 5% historical trends. The interesting thing about AIG’s claims growth initiative was that it was successful everywhere. 

During one of our Citibank projects, the AIM product cost analyses discovered a product that Citi was producing at an unusually high profit. It had automated the production and distribution processes very well and had a low cost but high quality branch service and support operation. The entire life-cycle metrics and ratios were elegant. Yet Citi managers didn’t know about this opportunity.

We presented 2 recommendation scenarios: 1)  reduce the price of the banking product well below competitors’ prices, capture large market share. yet still have a solid profit margin and unit profit, or 2) maintain the price at current levels, conduct a large multi-channel marketing and advertising campaign, understanding that this product’s high profit margins would pay for millions  of marketing campaign expenses. The growth from this campaign, these new customers, would produce abnormally high profits. Simply stated: Our growth strategy recommendations were 1) grow market share and revenue or 2) grow profits.

We could tell more stories, but by now you have the picture. We know growth; our approaches, methods, AIModels, tools and technologies have been proven over many years, in many cultures and countries.

We take an operational approach to growth that focuses on the production and distribution areas. We know it’s not sexy. New marketing strategies, cutting edge ad campaigns, new products and expanding into new markets are sexy. They’re also risky. They’re also expensive. They’re also slow and usually take years to break even. The consulting world is full of crystal ball readers who will appeal to your ego and sell you some fantastic growth projects. If you manage with your ego, they’re the right way to go for you. 

We have “12 Growth Focal Points” that achieve new growth with mostly operational changes and transformations.  We build Activity Information Models that help us find and analyze operations for the problems that are preventing your growth. Our AIModels also show us the opportunities you have for growth and blueprint the operational changes that are needed to maximize these opportunities. Most companies find that there are 2 or 3 focal point areas that are of immediate and compelling significance. We usually find 2 or 3 other focal point opportunities that are addressed later after the high priority initiatives are underway. When a company has 3, 4 or 5  growth initiatives, it usually  achieves  “leap scale” growth: growth levels that far exceed the usual incremental rates.

One thing distinguishes our approach and success; Our clients achieve higher growth rates faster,  and sustain those higher growth rates longer, than traditional growth programs.

If you’re not leading your industry in growth, call us to see our “12 Growth Focal Points” and our approach, methods, AIModels, tools and technologies.  

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