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We know insurance operations and we know how to solve the
tough problems that prevent you from achieving your performance goals.

These are some of the companies that we've helped.

                                                 insurance broker operations                
                workers comp operations                         




We know multi-national insurance and its unique dynamics.

We've delivered programs and solutions in over 30 languages in more than 45 countries.

Map of insurance operations projects


For over twenty years we've been engaged by insurance executives around the world to solve their complex and stubborn problems, increase organic growth with little additional expense, and improve their operational performance. We're experts at solving the problems that impede organic growth and stagnate performance.

Our ability to deliver solutions for tough, complex problems comes from a combination of broad industry knowledge, deep technical insurance knowledge, new performance improvement methodologies, team leadership expertise, and some very unique, proprietary technology systems that support it all. This combination of knowledge, skills, tools, and technologies make us a very unique and effective consulting company.

We can list measurable financial and operational improvements like these that were achieved in every one of our engagements.

Net premium written and profit growth
Increased organizational productivity
Risk management expertise improvements
Cost optimization and reductions
Increased retention through  with improved policyholder services and broker relationships
Loss ratio and ALAE expense reductions from tighter controls

"I've engaged Orient Point Consulting since 2001 at Chubb and now at XL Insurance. I've always been able to solve my problems and achieve my goals by using their activity information models as my core information for analysis and planning."
Jeff Brown
Senior Vice President, Chief Processing Officer XL Group

Your insurance operations today are an intricate assembly of computer systems, specialized jobs, complex processes for customized products, and onerous regulatory requirements. Lines of business and covers change faster than you can print the endorsements. You're forced to respond and adapt your operations before you can  adequately analyze and plan. Your managers have only enough time to put out fires.

The old traditional management methods and programs you relied on don't cut it any more. You need to be smarter, with better information and better management tools then ever before. Your need to  make decisions more quickly, and those decisions and plans must be more precise than ever before.

You can't get there from here if you don't know where here is. Likewise, it's impossible to achieve new and better results without new and better information that is used to make new and better decisions, that are executed faster and with more precision.

AIM-Activity Information Models deliver insurance operations management solutions that achieve the results you want. AIM collects a broad spectrum of operating information and creates models that make your analysis and decision making precise, easy and fast. Activity Information Models tell you what happened and why, when it happened and how, where it happened and what it cost... and when it will happen again.

Activity Information Models are new results tools that guarantee you will:

  Quickly understand the cost of all processes, Lines of Business and customers
  Understand the causes of performance and pinpoint the few most costly
  Conduct scenario forecasting (play "what if") with a wide variety of possible new solutions
  Choose to make those few changes that produce the greatest improvements most quickly at the
     lowest cost
  Implement your changes with speed and precision, and 100% employee support
  Precisely forecast the new operating and financial results your decisions will achieve

"AIM is a unique and valuable tool for us. It delivers new information needed to make better decisions and achieve our goals."
Larry Agoglia, COO & Managing Director, Citigroup Private Bank

Your managers need new tools to achieve new results

Are you disappointed that your performance goals take your managers too long and cost too much to achieve? Chances are, they're using your grandfather's tools and methods to solve complex and sprawling problems that your grandfather never dreamed of. Or maybe they're using simplistic manufacturing methods for your complex service operations.

AIM tells us what were doing thats not efficient and makes it possible for us to see, in time and cost, where problems or  mistakes are occurring and what's causing them.
Kerry Edwards, Director, Vytra HMO Inc.

Learn more with this case study

Somewhere in your organization is a costly problem that has frustrated you for too long and is preventing a unit from achieving its goals. Let's discuss it. We'll show you how we've helped others solve similar problems and how we'd tackle your's.

Call us at (631) 949-2300 or send us an email  request to learn more: I'd Like To Know More

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