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Orient Point Consulting was founded in New York in 1998. We are a service disabled veteran owned business.

Our passion and careers have been dedicated to helping service operations of every size solve the tough, stubborn problems that prevent them from achieving their performance goals.

We are fortunate to be engaged by some of the world's largest, most successful and most complex companies, including Citigroup, XL Insurance, RSA, Chubb, Abbott Labs and Mayo Clinic.

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Orient Point Consulting navigates new performance results

An orient point is the "you are here" location that navigators use to fix their position, orient their map, and plot their course. Your orient point is critical because you can't get "there" from here if you don't know where "here" is.

Successful executives are good navigators, the best executives lead and guide their organization like a captain guides a ship.

1.  Position: The navigation term is "fix your position" meaning locate where you are.
      Managers have to know "where" they are with cost and capacity metrics related
      to customers and products.
2.  Set your course: You must have a plotted course with quantitative metrics, like a pilot's
      compass points, landmarks, and mile markers.
3.  Navigation information tools: Navigators have an array of tools for monitoring, assessing
      and reporting their position, progress and timetable.
4.  Course corrections: Every navigator routinely corrects their course to adjust it for new
     occurrences. It's normal. You will certainly be off course if you don't check and adjust
     your course.
5.  Plot a new course by extending and replicating, the knowledge and strengths gained from
     past routes.

We provide the navigation and management tools you need to:

Know precisely where you are with productivity, cost and capacity metrics

Evaluate your options and plot the most optimal plans that will achieve your goals

Monitor your progress and quickly make course adjustments when needed

Achieve your new results and goals in the fastest most efficient ways

Most of our new clients contact us after hearing of another company's success. We continue to be engaged by two of our first three clients from eighteen years ago.  They engage us year after year because our methodologies achieve better results, faster and at lower costs than any other options they have. Most importantly, our clients engage us because our methodology delivers the information and tools their managers need to easy sustain their performance improvements.


Our Business, Mission & Strategy

Our business is delivering performance improvement information, tools and programs that quickly achieve your goals.

Our mission is helping our clients build thriving organizations that provide high value products to customers, rewarding employment to employees, and solid returns to stockholders.

Our strategy is to succeed and achieve our goals by guaranteeing you succeed and achieve yours.

Let's talk about your problems and goals. You'll learn how our powerful new operations analysis methodologies, technologies, and tools have been used by other executives to solve similar problems and achieve similar goals.

Click here to request a meeting or call us at (631) 949-2300


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