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       The toughest, most critical part of work-studies is the
       collection of large amounts of accurate activity data.

Our technology collects data from the experts who do the work at the moment it occurs... your employees.





















Within weeks you have thousands of accurate data points about your activities, who does them, why,  and what they cost.


AIM-Activity Information ModelingTM is a management program that models the many factors that cause and drive business performance. At AIMís core is the rapid collection of enormous amounts of data from employees. The typical AIM project collects 250,000 data points in a few weeks. AIM projects of this data volume have a statistical confidence factor of 99.993, or a possible deviation of .007. This is only made possible by our data collection technologies.


No other system is as accurate or fast at collecting and modeling your activity, process, product and customer cost data.


Our data collection software is  WEB based.

No new software or components are loaded to your servers or PC clients. You don't incur any Information Technology expense nor any technology risks.

Our data collection software runs on our Internet servers. Your employees use it with their Internet Explorer browser. No software is loaded to your servers or desktops. You incur no IT costs.

Because your work-study software is running on our Internet server, everyone in your organization who contributes to your cost models can have one-click access. Our large clients simultaneously build their cost and staffing models with dozens of branches throughout North America, South America, and Europe. Everyone is just a "click" and a password away from recording their work, whether they're in the next department, another city, or even in another country.

We conduct many non-English projects. We provide a database in the local language for the local managers and a mirror image database in English for the US headquarters staff. We prepare two mirror image sets of reports in the local language and English as well.

Our software is priced on a per click (ASP) basis. You only pay for what you use during your cost model building phase.

You shouldn't buy systems you only use occasionally. Our per click, use-based, pricing means that you can build your cost models economically and at low costs.

We customize your costing technology... 100%.
Nothing is pre-defined.

Your cost models are exactly the way you need them for
easy analysis and smart decisions.

We design each project's data collection application to collect the unique data that will produce your specific desired and needed cost models.

Participants sign on when they begin work. They are randomly sampled with a window like this with your data categories. Every task and activity that occurs is captured multiple times to produce extremely accurate cost models. A sample window takes an employee about 4 seconds to complete. There is no lost productivity and employees find it much easier than old fashioned surveys or observations.

For mobile employees

Our collection technology also runs on PDA technology including Palm Pilots, Pocket PCs and other hand held CE operating system computers. It is used for studies where employees are mobile such as sales staff, consultants, etc. The data collection application is loaded to a departmentís PDAs and distributed to staff. Data is uploaded from the PDAs during the study.

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