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"Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them." Albert Einstein

Staffing plans prevent these problems:

  • Low customer retention

  • Low new revenue growth

  • High operating

Staffing plans explain in detail how resource capacity and cost will be needed in the future and how it will be managed to achieve a unit's goals for retention,  new business, and costs.

Operations managers working with Human Resource managers prepare staffing plans with  staffing model tools and create three sections:

  • annual human resources retention and hiring plan

  • annual unit skills training program

  • annual resource budget with full-time, part-time, and temp compensation and benefit costs

Staffing plans produce these benefits

  Reduce and optimize your staffing costs

  Maximize enterprise productivity

  Increase customer retention with improved service quality and innovation

  Utilize all of your investment in staff's skills and capacity

  Rationalize your organization with the right balance of generalists and specialists


Staffing Plan Data Collection, Calculation, and Management

taffing plans require these components:

  Work measurement, productivity, and production volume data

  Past and future workload calculations
  Management tools to 1) manage workloads and resources and 2) create budgets and annual operational plans


We have unique and powerful methods, tools, and technologies that we developed specifically for complex service operations and we have deep industry expertise in global insurance and banking. Since 1998 we have deliver staffing management programs to over 200 companies in over 60 countries. Our clients re-engage us every 3 to 5 years to update their staffing plan metrics.

We invented AIM-Activity Information ModelingTM, a powerful new approach and methodology that quickly builds comprehensive and accurate Staffing Plans with powerful new work measurement methodologies and technologies.

"AIM is a unique and valuable tool for us. It delivers new information needed to make better decisions and achieve our goals."
Larry Agoglia, Managing Director & COO Citigroup Private Bank

Powerful & Unique Staffing Plans for Your Toughest Problems

Staffing Plans are tabular charts, graphs, numerical reports, and databases that are used to predict how time and staffing cost will be needed for future scenarios such as changes to product volumes. These sets of charts and graphs provide both a broad and in-depth picture of work activity time and cost, but most importantly, causal metrics, explaining why they occur.

We deliver staffing plans that:
   Provide workload measurements for every activity, process, product, and customer segment.
   Show you the time each job position spends on every activity... and why.
   Help you determine if you have the right balance of generalists and specialists.
   Allow you to predict your future staffing needs by the hours of skills you will need.

Our staffing plans include scenario planning models so you can play "what if" and perfect your organization on paper before you actually change anyone's job responsibilities.

Staffing Plans: An Essential Management Tool

Managing a staff, cannot be accomplished without a staffing plan that is based on workload measurements and forecasts. Managers are expected to know how their resource capacity is consumed by products and customers. They're also expected to understand why it is spent this way. Our staffing plans relate activity time to the causes such as processes, products and customer segments. They make managers smarter and more effective at solving their problems and also predicting future problems so they can be avoided before they occur.

The Staffing Plan Project with Activity Information Models

The Staffing Plans we deliver to our clients include extensive charts and graphs that show the amount of time spent on each activity, process, product, and customer. Other data is often collected such as "re-work", the time spent re-doing activities because the first transaction failed. We can include any data dimension you can imagine in your Staffing Plans.

Project Phases & Deliverables

A Staffing Plan Project spans 4 to 8 weeks.

  1. Staffing Plan Design: We work with you to design the staffing plans you want and need. This usually requires three meetings.

  2. Data Collection: Our systems collect data from your staff. The data collection spans 3 to 5 weeks based on the nature of the work. This builds your workload database.

  3. Workload Measurements & Staffing Plan Preparation: We prepare your final staffing plans as Microsoft Excel reports and files. Preparation usually requires 2 to 7 days.

  4. Staffing Plan Review: We review each chart and graph with you to make sure you understand its information and how to best use it to improve your performance.

Staffing Plans with Scenario Planning & Predictive Staffing Models

The last files you receive are specially designed to help you analyze how changes to such things as processes and product features will change your workloads. You simply enter changes to product volume, process productivity rates, job design, etc. and the worksheets predict the staffing requirements for that scenario.

We'd like to make you a genius. You and your managers will routinely play the best "what if" you have ever imagined and  you'll predict and prevent costly problems before they occur.

Project Value, Savings & ROI

Our client's always discover new ways to reduce staffing costs with our Staffing Plan projects. They are also able to precisely realign parts of their organization for their strategic goals by changing the mix of specialists and generalists assigned to their processes, products, and customer segments. This optimized mix of specialists and generalists reduces costs, improves productivity and quality. Our clients tell us they always recover a multiple of a project's cost within 3 months and realize permanent cost and performance improvements thereafter.

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