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Activity Information ModelingTM
solves the toughest problems.

  1. It delivers new information that helps you see the problem differently and understand it better.

  2. It leads managers to make new decisions with a new level of thinking.

AIM gives you new information about your operation, products, employees and customers.  With AIM you know exactly where your opportunities are to cut your costs, improve productivity, utilize all capacity, and improve your service value. AIM makes you smarter than you have ever been before.

AIM tells you:
   activity time and activity costs
   service/product cost
   customer cost
   every person that is involved in a process
   why activities occur
   how activities are executed
   how much of your capacity is being used and where
   detailed information about your interactions with your customers
   how much time people spend on non-value work that can be eliminated
   where to improve your productivity
   your rework and poor quality costs
   how much time is spent with customers and each customer segment
   opportunities to build 24X7 self-service Internet processes
   ... and much more.

Activity Information Modeling makes you smarter and more effective.

AIM gives you the causes and drivers of your performance. You will thoroughly understand both the macro and the micro aspects of your business. You'll know product and customer profitability while also seeing every task that is conducted for your products and customers. This is powerful information because you will be able to pinpoint the few, most significant causes of your problems.

What's unique about AIM?

AIM is an information system that collects the data, organizes it, analyzes it and provides you with reports, charts, graphs and models. Data are collected in a few weeks without disturbing your people with meetings, consultants and surveys.  Our unique technology and methods make us thorough, accurate and very fast so you can pinpoint opportunities and immediately implement them.

What makes AIM better than the way Ive done this before?

AIM is fast, fact-based and comprehensive.  It is the most accurate and comprehensive operations analyses methodology available today with an accuracy that exceeds all other methods combined.  AIM-Activity Information ModelingTM has proven to be superior because it:

   collects more information
   is less disruptive and costly to your personnel
   analyzes both processes and events
   collects all work information, even when personnel are out of the office
provides information about your operations, and your customers and vendors

AIM analyzes all activities in many dimensions. Our approach has proven to be the easiest and most effective way of permanently cutting costs while also simultaneously improving productivity and service value.





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