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      "The way we see the problem...
        is the problem."

Stephen R.Covey

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved
at the same level of thinking that created them."
Albert Einstein

Wise executives know that tough problems are only solved when two things happen:

  1. Managers take a new, objective look so they "see" it with a new focus and perspective.

  2. The knowledge and attitudes, that allowed the problem to occur, change in ways that discover and address the root causes.

New Results = New Knowledge X New Decisions

New knowledge about your problems, their costs, causes, and drivers will lead you and your managers to quickly implement new permanent solutions.

AIM-Activity Information ModelingTM solves the toughest problems because:

  1. It delivers new fact-based information that helps you see the problem differently and understand it better.

  2. It leads managers to make new decisions with a new level of thinking.


AIM0dels are built on the activity, the core of all organizational endeavor.

AIM captures the activity when it's occurring, and surrounds the data record with the other pertinent information you need, such as" Who is doing it, Why are they doing it, What product is it for and Which customer is it for?

Any information that you want can be collected, organized, analyzed and modeled so you will make the best decisions. There is no performance dimension that AIM can not deliver.


AIM Rudiments & Concepts

The person who does the work understands it best. AIM captures its information from your staff employees, the experts who understand all of its nuances and complexities.

Memory is unreliable and becomes altered by personal preference and opinion. AIM captures data from people at the moment it occurs. Nothing is ever remembered.

Managers need the whole picture to make accurate assessments and plans. AIM delivers data that has been collected from everyone over the entire work day.

Accurate data analysis requires large amounts of data. Typical AIM projects deliver more than 100,000 data points. Large organizations, such as Citibank and Zurich Insurance will assemble databases that exceed 500,000 data points in a few weeks. The confidence factors exceed 99.9 and decisions about costs and labor hours are extremely accurate.

AIM creates and delivers statistical models, the most powerful yet easily used management tools available.

AIM data is secure and tamper proof.

AIM is a discovery tool. It discovers what is really occurring and why. Traditional performance management tools and activity based costing fail because they do not discover the causes of performance.


Activity Information Modeling makes you smarter and more effective.

AIM gives you the causes and drivers of your performance. You will thoroughly understand both the macro and the micro aspects of your business. You'll know product and customer profitability while also seeing every task that is conducted for your products and customers. This is powerful information because you will be able to pinpoint the few, most significant causes of your problems.

AIM delivers scenario planning models.

You can play the best "what if" you have ever imagined.

   Discover and understand new causes of your performance.

   Easily and accurately test alternate solutions until you have the
      results you want.

   Develop permanent solutions to your toughest problems by
      addressing the root causes.

   Precisely predict your new profit, productivity, and service quality
      improvements for your ROI, ROA, and ROE reports to Directors.

   Quickly see the new results you predicted

The AIM-Activity Information ModelingTM Project Plan

1.   Design

We work with you to carefully design the goals and scope of an AIM-Activity Information Modeling project. We do not proceed unless we can guarantee to your satisfaction that the reports, models and other documents will achieve the new results you want.

2.   Data Collection

Our systems collect the data from your employees. Data collection spans 5 to 25 days. Employees love AIM because it gives them an easy but effective vehicle to detail the real problems they deal with everyday.

3.   Modeling & Metrics

We assemble you into models with metrics, such as process models with time measurements for each activity. Your reports, graphs and models are prepared and delivered within days of your data collection. We carefully take your managers through their reports and models. We make sure that they know what new information they have and how to best use it.

4.   Analysis & Planning

Your managers will prepare new plans with specific changes. They will know the precise performance improvements, to the cent, that these changes will achieve. We coach your managers when they need help conducting their analysis or preparing action plans.

AIM information is used by many groups

  • Operations reduces costs and improves quality. They use their predictive models to plan the precise staffing changes as product volume changes.

  • IT uses the process and activity models to identify and analyze those processes that will be most impacted by system changes... and the actual ROI of IT expenditures.

  • HR uses the staffing models for more effective recruiting and career pathing.

  • Marketing uses the product models for product and customer profitability analysis. Using AIM for marketing strategy information guarantees that they won't promote those products that lose money.

  • The CFO uses the AIM models to precisely allocate shared expense on a consumption basis rather than the revenue or head count allocation.

  • CEOs use AIM to demonstrate to the board that they and their managers are achieving their goals, quickly and economically.

Get the whole picture. Click here to open and print the entire project picture.


Averages can hide the truth so we usually don't use them... but we're proud of these.

   Our average client gets a 16 to 1 first year return on their AIM project.

   The average AIM project costs $26,200.

   The average 5 year ROI exceeds 100 to 1! AIM is always rated as the highest
      ROI project of the year by our clients CFOs.

What are your worst problems costing you?

Are you in a circular pattern of applying the same "solutions" and expecting new results?

Why not solve them... quickly, permanently and for little cost?

AIM proves itself everyday in operations just like yours.

We offer a no-cost way to discover if AIM will help you.

Learn about our 5 day No-Cost Evaluation Pilot.






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