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"Intellectuals solve problems;
 geniuses prevent them"
 Albert Einstein


AIM Helps You Quickly Solve Your Toughest Problems & Stay Ahead Of New Problems By Predicting Them Before They Occur


Activity Information ModelsTM are fact-based "discovery" tools that help you quickly understand the root causes of your cost and quality problems. You quickly solve them and get "in-front" of new problems by predicting and solving them before they occur again.


Activity Information Models provide extensive data charts and graphs that are assembled into models about the who, what, when and where of your business. They include:
- Staffing Models
- Process Models
- Product Models
- Customer Segment Cost and Behavior Models
- Quality/Rework Models

- Technology Utilization Models


AIM finds the causes and drivers of your problems and provides measures of every possible improvement option. Your problems are solved on paper with precise cost-benefits before any actual change expense is incurred.


AIM Collects Information About Your Operation From Experts...
your employees who do the work.


Only your employees, the people who do the work, truly understand it, why it's done and how much time it takes. They're the experts. Everyone else is just an observer.


Data is collected from your experts at the moment the activities occur using random moment statistical sampling methods. They never have to remember what happened, estimate how long it took, or remember what the customer did. Our data collection and modeling methods quickly produce accurate and rich information models with an average variance less than .5% with a statistical confidence factor over 99% . There is no lost productivity because it's so fast and easy.


No other method is easier, faster or more accurate.  And because our process is totally automated it is also the lowest cost data collection and modeling method in the world.


AIM Keeps Your Operating Performance At Optimal Levels

Companies quickly and easily update their models periodically or when they've made changes. Managers always have key information at their finger tips for managing costs, capacity, productivity, service quality, and the profitability of each service, product and customer. The models are predictive. They are used to develop new ideas and forecast impacts. You can easily play the best "what if" you've ever imagined.


AIM Helps Every Department In Your Organization


AIM is unique among management tools because it helps every manager in your organization with new, more accurate information for their analyses and decisions.

The COO and Operations have extensive time and cost models of activities,
     processes, productivity, and
quality to control cost and manage production.

Customer Service and Quality managers have service quality metrics and tools,
    including COQ models, (cost of quality) that solve service problems and
    achieve high customer retention and loyalty.

The CFO and Accounting have activity-based cost reports (ABC/M),
    product cost, and customer costs for precise financial reporting and
    forecasting, including Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Sales and Marketing knows the cost and profitability of each product for pricing,
    innovation, and promotion.

HR and Department Managers have detailed, single page job profiles for every
    position that list every activity and the time spent on each one. This is
    invaluable information that controls staffing costs and achieves high
    employee satisfaction and retention.

Your Planning Managers have models of customer profitability to determine
    which products and customer segments should be expanded, contracted, or
    re-priced for optimal profits.


You and your whole team of managers are smarter and more effective than you've ever been before. Rather than spending time collecting, and debating information, you'll use your AIM models to work together in smart, quick, decisive ways.


"What gets us into trouble is not
  what we don't know.

   It's what we know for sure that
   just ain't so".
Mark Twain


AIM-Activity Information ModelingTM Eliminates Revised Plans

You know how disappointing and costly it is when your plans have to be revised, mid-stream, because you discover they were based on information that "just ain't so".  But worse, the Board and your employees conclude you don't know what you're doing.

Our clients no longer revise their plans.

   Their scenario planning, playing "what if" with their AIM models, considers a
        broad range of possibilities and solutions. They select the best combination of
        solutions based on precise cost/benefit measurements and impact models.

   Their finalized plans are comprehensive and address every detail.

   They implement changes quickly and with confidence because they're sure of
        their accuracy.

   They quickly see the exact results they predicted.


Are you frustrated that your managers' success at solving problems takes too long, costs too much, and achieves questionable financial results?


They need new, more powerful systems, methods, and tools to solve the tough, new problems they face. Give them AIM-Activity Information ModelsTM. We guarantee they'll quickly achieve your goals and become smarter, more effective managers to handle tomorrow's problems.


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