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Operations Integration Models

Our operations integration models solve the top three problems faced when integrating operations.

Problem 1  Slow pace

Problem 2  Inadequate process information about product
                   & customer operations

Problem 3  Lack of effective analytical & planning
                   tools for middle managers

Our operations integration models...

  Blueprint, with time & cost measurements, every process and activity


  Calculate capacity consumption for every customer segment & product

  Chart every job positions' actual activities, skills & who they work with


  Map product's processes with their activity costs & who conducts the activity


  Compare both operations' product's processes & technologies

We have new, powerful, methodologies, technologies, and tools that solve the problems that prevent integration teams from achieving their goals.

In 1998, we invented AIM-Activity Information ModelingTM, a powerful operations data modeling methodology that provides detailed information about your entire business. AIModels are extensive and include processes, workloads, job position activities, product and customer segment costs and the resource capacity they consume.

AIModels help integration teams quickly analyze integration scenarios , prepare cost-benefit analyses, and plans, and forecast solutions faster, more accurately, more comprehensively, and more economically than any other traditional method.

"I've engaged Orient Point Consulting since 2001 at Chubb and now at XL Insurance. I've always been able to solve my problems and achieve my goals by using their activity information models as my core information for analysis and planning."
Jeff Brown Senior Vice President, Chief Processing Officer XL Group

"AIM is a unique and valuable tool for us. It delivers new information needed to make better decisions and achieve our goals."
Larry Agoglia, Managing Director & COO Citigroup Private Bank

Operations Integration Models: Fundamental M&A tools

Merging a newly acquired operation cannot be accomplished without precise product and process information that is organized for planning and integration implementations.

Managers must know how time is spent in every department, what their processes produce, what their capacity requirements are, and their activity costs.

AIM Integration Models make managers smarter and more effective at solving immediate problems and predicting future problems so they can be avoided before they occur.

Operations Integration Model Exhibit 1

This graph is from the workload calculation section of a operations integration model for an insurance acquisition. It provided Line of Business workload hours of an acquired insurance company (Company B). This information was critical to the acquiring company's (Company A) staff retention plan.


Operations Integration Model Exhibit 2

This chart provides the number of hours that each job position spends on each product in a bank's Loan & Letter of Credit Department. Note that some activity times are small amounts. Activity Information Modeling captures every activity... nothing is missed.


Operations Integration Model Exhibit 3

This exhibit is from a nationwide bank and was used to integrate an acquisition into their existing branch operations. It told them how much time was spent on all activities in each city and how each city varied from the national average. It was one of over sixty reports in their national integration staffing model that they used to quantify and understand the skills they needed to precisely meet each city's unique customer service requirements. Their AIM integration staffing models helped them improve customer service and had immediate impacts on increasing customer retention which contributed to increased profitability.


Our No Cost Operations Integration Model Evaluation Pilot

We offer a no cost Operations Integration Model Evaluation Pilot that allows you to evaluate our Merger Integration Model methodology, technology, and deliverables. This pilot usually spans about 10 days and delivers a set of data models that includes processes, products and customer models.

Are you certain that your team is going to solve all of the merger problems its facing soon enough?

Better information and tools will make your team smarter and more successful.

Contact Gary Meyer, Orient Point's founder, to discuss your problems and learn how others have had success solving them with Orient Point's AIManagement Tools.

I'd like to learn more about Orient Point's operations integration models


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