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Staffing Models & Staffing Plans


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What Are Staffing Models?

Staffing models are management tools with information about resources, processes, products and customers.  They solve the three most serious problems faced by operations managers:

  • Poor Customer Retention

  • Disappointing New Business Growth

  • Excessive Costs

Managers use staffing models to forecast workloads, costs, and staff organizations to achieve retention and growth goals.

Complex, non-linear process operations, like insurance and banking, will often have dozens of products, each with their own life-cycle processes that involve many different job positions. The number of work measurement calculations can easily exceed five hundred. These measurements change for every process change and product innovation. It is humanly impossible to calculate and apply these many variables without staffing models. 

Besides providing fact-based data about work measurements and process costs, they also provide information about why they occur and how performance can be improved.

What are Staffing Plans?

Staffing plans are annual documents that predict how resource capacity and cost will be needed and managed in the future. Operations and Human Resource Managers prepare staffing plans with their staffing model tools and create three plan sections:

  • Annual resource retention and hiring plan

  • Annual training plan

  • Annual salary and benefit budget

We deliver all three staffing model components

  1. Data Collection Systems

    We have a variety of internet systems that have been designed to collect every type of process, product, and customer data, both inside and outside of the office.

  2. Databases, Data Models, Process Metrics, and Standards

    We build your database and create data models. These models calculate your activity and process metrics, often referred to as "standards".

  3. Staffing Model Tools and Applications

    Working closely with you and your managers, we create your information tools and reporting applications. These are customized for your processes, systems, products and customers.

Workforce Management Program

A Workforce Management Program is a set of tools that are used for all of the annual resource management activities, not just work measurement.

The cost of our workforce management program starts at $8,400 and is completed in four to eight weeks.

Project Phases & Deliverables

  1. Staffing Model Design

  2. Data Collection

  3. Work standards calculation and data population 

  4. Training & Implementation

Scenario Planning & Predictive Tools

The last files you receive are specially designed to analyze how changes to operational components, such as processes and job scope, will change future workloads.

Our Solutions & Services

We can help you build a more effective program faster and at much less cost than doing it yourself. You'll use our technology, easily learn our methodologies, and quickly become expert with your new applications and tools.

Engaging us will allow you to spend your time solving problems rather than collecting data and laboring with database and reporting applications.

We provide staffing model components al la carte to supplement or replace the components you already have.


Complete Staffing & Process Management Programs

The cost of a basic complete staffing model starts at $8,400.

It solves all of the basic operations management problems and provides Finance and HR with all of the cost information they routinely need about resources, processes, products, and customers. It is easily appended and expanded at low costs in subsequent years for additional functions.


Enterprise Resource, Process, Product & Customer Management Program

For organizations with many units in many locations, we provide an enterprise-wide management program, that uses Results Navigator®. This is an application we built for large, complex organizations.

> Learn more about Results Navigator®


Working With Us

There are two ways to scope your workforce management program:

  1. Tell us what you can spend. We'll work with you to scope the four phases of activities to fit within your budget and maximize your results and deliverables.

  2. Tell us about the results you want. We'll discuss the components needed to produce those results.

Our Proposal Process

We prepare a 1st draft proposal and review and revise it with you. When it meets your satisfaction and has all the results and deliverables you want, you can then get the final approval your organization requires to proceed.

Our Billing Terms

We only invoice clients for services, components, and project phases that are both  1) completed 2) are accepted by the clients as meeting their expectations and the terms of the contract. You will never be billed for anything you didn't order, receive, and accept.

Do you have a $1,000 expenditure authority? We bill each deliverable, component, and module separately and and many are less than $1,000. You can order and pay for each module separately as you receive and accept it.

Call us at +1 (631)949-2300 to discuss the workforce and process management program you could have in a few weeks.

Request a free Staffing Model Consultation

What Makes Our Solutions Successful?

We invented AIM-Activity Information Modeling® in 1998. AIM is a revolutionary new business data modeling methodology that produces staffing model databases in a fraction of the time and with statistical accuracy that is well beyond the best traditional approaches. AIM is our proprietary methodology that is supported with our own technology apps.

"AIM is a unique and valuable tool for us. It delivers new information needed to make better decisions and achieve our goals."
Larry Agoglia, Managing Director & COO Citigroup Private Bank

"I've engaged Orient Point Consulting since 2001 at Chubb and now at XL Insurance. I've always been able to solve my problems and achieve my goals by using their activity information models as my core information for analysis and planning."
Jeff Brown Senior Vice President, Chief Processing Officer XL Group

Staffing Model Exhibit

This is one of the staffing model templates we have available. It has been customized for an insurance policy operation. The manager sets the renewal and retention percentage, and the percentage of policies that will be renewed in the manual or automated process. The number of staff required for the workload is calculated.


> See more staffing model exhibits

> Learn about our enterprise application, Results Navigator®

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