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Give us your toughest problem!

We'll  take  your  toughest  problem  and demonstrate at  no cost  to  you, and in only 5 days, how AIM-Activity Information Models and our methodologies will help you solve it.

Orient Point consultant shows managers new information about their  costs and quality.

Our experience delivering Activity Information Models with over 300 operations has shown us:

    Managers achieve cost reductions within the first 30 days with policy and procedural changes that increase effectiveness.

    Productivity improvements occur within 60 days as a result of training and redefining jobs.

    Poor quality costs are reduced or eliminated within 90 days as a result of new prevention activities and re-designed processes. 

    Significant ROI is realized within 180 days with process re-engineering and product re-designs.

    Revenue increases are achieved within 12 months from increased customer retention and sales production productivity improvements.

See for yourself. Learn how our new and unique methodology will help you and your organization. We're so certain we'll be able to help you solve your toughest problem that we'll incur the expense and risk.

The Models you'll receive:

  1. Staffing Model: the number of hours that each job position spends on processes and products... and why.

  2. Process Model: the time and cost of your processes for each product.

  3. Product Model: the time and cost of your products or lines of business.

  4. A 4th model of your choice. You choose the model that's most important to understand and solve your toughest problem such as:
    - cost of poor quality (what errors and rework are really costing you)
    - customer segment cost (the cost of your customers in each segment)
    - transaction value (how much time is spent on low vs high value
    - customer activity (a time and cost model for all the things your customers do)

You and your managers will learn:

  1. How AIM helps you discover and understand the root causes of your problems and find all of the possible solutions.

  2. How Activity Information Models are used for scenario planning, playing the best "what if" you have ever imagined to forecast the feasibility and cost/benefit of innovations and new technologies.

  3. How others in your industry are using AIM to implement programs that quickly solve their problems and implement permanent program that prevent future problems before they occur.

  4. How the highest performing organizations consistently beat their competitors with low-cost/high-value products and services that are delivered with relationship-based channels.

Key MeetingsOrient Point consultant shows a manager new information about his costs and quality.

1. Project preparation meeting
This project team meeting occurs one week before the start of the data model assembly. We finalize your performance goals and problems, finalize the project approach and scope, and discuss the final models and analysis that your goals require.

2. Model assessment and review meeting
This meeting delivers your models and reports. We lead you and your project team through an analysis of the models, find root causes of problems, analyze their costs, identify your opportunities to quickly solve them, and precisely forecast the cost/benefit of these solutions.

3.  Wrap-up meeting
This meeting evaluates your project experience.

Our Guarantee

We don't have a sales process. We have a solution process that delivers immediate and long-term solutions to your toughest performance problems.

We guarantee that AIM will deliver new information in new, more powerful, more useful ways. More importantly, we know and we guarantee that AIM will make you  and your managers smarter and more effective.

We make these guarantees based on the success of hundreds of managers in some of the world's most difficult and complex operations who are using AIM-Activity Information ModelsTM.

AIM only requires a minimal amount of effort, and its such an easy tool that we dont even document all the issues that its allowed us to fix.
Kerry Edwards, Director of Member Services, Vytra Inc. speaking about using AIM in her Call Center.

Contact us to discuss a 5 day pilot evaluation project. You have nothing to lose but your problems!

Learn about our Staffing Models & Staffing Plans with a free Webinar

We'd like to show you and your team a personalized presentation with an Internet meeting. Click here to learn more.


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