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Bank operations executive ponders his cost and quality problems.

With interest rates this low, the only way to grow your bank is to grow your fee-based products and services.

Fee-based product buyers expect high value from innovative service sets that are delivered with advisory relationships.

If your fee income growth has been anemic, it's probable your organization doesn't have the operational structures and management tools that you need to prepare and execute effective growth programs.

Ask yourself these questions.

Do we quickly institutionalize our innovations into our operations and achieve scale capacity at our normal costs? Or does every innovation add complexity and additional cost to our operation?

Are our operational processes and organization components specially designed and managed for knowledge and relationship processes?

Knowledge and relationship processes create innovative service sets that produce high value for your customers. High value commands value-based fees and earns loyal, long-term customers.


Our clients quickly achieve these new results:

  • Relationship focused processes that replaces transaction-based processes
  • Increased innovation
  • Improved service and transactional quality
  • Increased customer retention and loyalty
  • FASB-91 cost models that optimize their earnings per share
  • Smarter, more effective managers
  • Increased operating profits, ROI, and ROE

They use AIM-Activity Information Models to quickly understand and solve their toughest problems.

"AIM is a unique and valuable tool for us. It delivers new information needed to make better decisions and achieve our goals."
Larry Agoglia, Managing Director & COO Citigroup Private Bank

AIModels are new, unique, and powerful management tools that guarantee you will:

   Understand the causes of poor performance and pinpoint the few most
      costly problems in your banking operations

  Conduct scenario planning (play "what if") with a wide variety of new solutions

  Build precise cost/benefit business cases that predict cost, productivity, and
     service quality improvements

  Save time by implementing your changes with speed and precision

Quickly achieve new cost and quality results that improve your bank's profitability

Have a team of smarter, more effective managers that stay in front of their
    problems, predicting their cost problems and solving them before they occur

Are you disappointed that your cost and quality problems seem to take your managers too long and cost too much to solve?

They'll succeed when you give them AIM. We guarantee it.

AIM tells us what were doing thats not efficient and makes it possible for us to see, in time and cost, where problems or  mistakes are occurring and what's causing them.
Kerry Edwards, Dir. of Member Services, Vytra Health Plans

Learn more with this case study

Our No-Cost 5 Day Evaluation Pilot Offer

AIM has proved itself with many banks but we want you to personally see how it can help you. We offer a no-cost evaluation pilot that gives you a complete look at what an AIM project delivers.

Learn more about our no-cost evaluation offer.

Learn more about AIModels.

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