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We help insurance companies and banks solve their toughest operational problems and achieve new levels of profit and growth performance.

We've developed powerful new operations (production and distribution) management information methodologies, tools, and technologies that solve complex problems and achieve new results faster and at less cost than traditional methods.

Our methodologies have been proven in more than 300 banking, insurance, and other complex service operations, in over than 30 countries since 1998.

Our Approach & Philosophy

An organization's ability to solve problems and achieve its performance goals are the outcome of its management decisions. These decisions have been made with the knowledge and information that the managers have. Management decisions are limited to the scope, content, and value of management knowledge and information. You can't make a decision about something you don't know about.

To solve tough problems and achieve new results, we as managers have to look at our decisions and our knowledge that we used to make them. It's a fallacy to believe that poor execution is the cause of poor results. Most of time, in hindsight, we can see that the plans were poor and we had little hope of getting successful results. Like Monday morning quarterbacks, we realize we missed some things and didn't play the right offense and defense.

We know this for sure... when managers obtain new, better knowledge they always make new, better, more effective decisions. Their new decisions address and solve problems in new more effective ways and they achieve new and better results. Restated in an equation it looks like this...

Results = Knowledge X Decisions

New Knowledge X New Decisions = New Results

Give your organization new, better knowledge and everyone will make better decisions that prevent problems, solve problems faster, and achieve new and better results.

"I've engaged Orient Point Consulting since 2001 at Chubb Insurance and now at XL. I've always been able to solve my problems and achieve my goals by using their activity information models as my core information for analysis and planning". Jeff Brown, Senior Vice President, Chief Processing Officer XL Group

"AIM is a unique and valuable tool for us. It delivers new information needed to make better decisions to achieve our goals." Larry Agoglia, Managing Director & COO, Citigroup Private Bank

AIModels deliver these powerful and unique management tools.

  • Activity cost models that explain cost causes and drivers and help you discover ways to reduce cost

  • Staffing models that optimize productivity and capacity while achieving high service quality and organic growth

  • Process models that optimize efficacy, efficiency, and quality

  • Product models for managing the profitability of each product and discovering innovation opportunities

  • Customer models with the costs, profit margins, and behavior activity of each customer segment

  • Quality models that provide the causes and costs of error prevention, detection, correction, and recovery

  • Cost Benefit Analysis models that provide the ROI of changes being considered

  • AIMetrics that provide time, cost, and ratio measurements for processes, products, and customers.

Learn more with these case studies.

Health Insurance Call Center

Bank $32M & Service Innovation

Somewhere in your organization is a unit that has had disappointing results too long. Don't blame their execution.  Let us show you how giving that management team better, more powerful information about their operations and products will help them solve those tough problems and achieve their illusive performance goals.

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